Being free to be me

The first weeks of being free left me struggling to cope with the turmoil of feelings running through my head. I continued to walk around in horrid pyjamas as I didn’t know what to feel.

I started to try to get to know me, as I had not been free to be me for 22 years it was a little overwhelming for me. I am still isolated as with my PTSD I don’t like to leave my home. I am free to leave as now I have choice which I didn’t have before. I approached a local domestic violence group and made a effort to attend once a week. I found the group a cathartic experience and really benefitted from being in a room with other survivors as I was safe to feel my feelings.

For the first time in over 20 years I was free to have a political viewpoint and during the election campaign I put labour posters on every window in my house. It felt so good being free to be me! This is the real me a individual with her own viewpoint and not that of someone else. I never adopted any of his viewpoints but I was defiantly not free to vote yet I always did. He may have imprisoned me but he never managed to break me.

I had to hide my dreams now I am free to live my life the way I want to. I am finally free to be me!

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