Finding joy in my home once more

My home became a prison for me. When I finally found the strength to say no more, I hated my home. I felt like it was not my home.

I wanted to move but that was not financially possible. I decided I would reclaim my home one bit at a time. I first started to clean and declutter anything that didn’t make me happy.

I threw out foods that only he would eat, his many cups and his plate that he made me serve him with.

I stripped the walls in my kitchen and painted it white to make it feel fresh and new. now my kitchen feels like a completely different space. I ordered a new table and recycled the old one.

I started with the kitchen as much of my abuse happened there, my kitchen was far from the heart of the home. My kitchen now has been cleansed from all the memories.

I have also reclaimed my living room removing his items from there. I have moved the furniture around and have plans to redecorate but my finances are not that good.

I bought garden furniture and a barbeque to bring happiness back to our lives.

I need to decorate the bedroom as that was a place I felt most violated as I was not free to say no whenever he wanted relations. I have cleaned it moved the bed put new covers on the bed but it is still a place in my home that brings me no joy.

I plan on decorating it any ideas of doing it on a low budget, I would welcome any ideas.

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