The Stigma of Depression in Domestic Violence Surivors

Picking Up the Pieces

It’s strange how surviving abuse can impact you, even several years after you’ve left. Transitioning from being actively victimized to surviving the escape from the abuse into survivorship does not come with a neatly plotted road map. There are no highlighted routes or imperative notes of advice jotted down in conspicuously noticeable places. If it weren’t for the army of survivors on the other side of the border serving as guides ushering those fleeing abuse through the minefield and out of the darkness, we wouldn’t have even had the landmarks along the way to help us find our way back to life.

In the early months, other survivors are vanguards of our recovery, standing tall and dependable like a lighthouse perched on a rock crag offshore, lighting our way past the jagged coast and rough seas that can cause shipwreck in despair without guidance. Never looking only in one direction, they…

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