Myths of my abuser. Maybe yours also made you believe he had the same issues.

My abuser used myths very effectively to conceal his true nature to portray himself as a victim of circumstance rather than someone who purposely and deliberately chose to abuse.

  • He was brilliant at making me believe he had no control of his temper as he would even run wild around our home terrifying everyone.
  • He would say he had a aggressively violent nature. However his friends saw a nice reasonable, quite, almost shy man.
  • He would demonstrate trust and intimacy issues, this was just another mask.
  • He would blame his rage and name calling as communication issues,  however he seemed fine with communicating in English swear words.
  • He was definitely good at saying he had a difficult childhood, although so did I and I have never abused anyone.
  • He believed that he was a good father, yet sadly he abused me in front of them.
  • He would say that jealousy was a good thing, as it was because he loved me. It was not jealousy it was control and domination.
  • He believed he was a good husband and he loved me. He treated me without any empathy even though I lived on medication, therefore his claim that he loved me is unbelievable.

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