One year on.

Today is one year since I gained my freedom Alhamdulillah. I am transforming my house from the prison to my home.

I started in the kitchen as most of the abuse occurred there. I stripped the wallpaper and painted the walls and ceilings pure white. I then painted my cupboards white. I introduced some grey on the top cupboard doors. I lay laminate flooring on the floor. My kitchen was now mine.

I found a wonderful app called nextdoor where I have bought or even for free completely transformed my living room with completely different furniture. Not one piece of furniture remains. I want to strip the walls and paint it inshallah I will.

I have also got none of the original furniture in the bedroom as that was also a traumatic place for me. I have painted the furniture in a very light grey. I need to also strip the walls inshallah. I have changed the entrance area and my hallway is painted white. I am now building a summer house in the garden to have extra space for my children to relax.

I have achieved so much in twelve months mashallah. The time has went so quickly unlike the years before.

I am in the middle of decorating and my house is full of wood for the summer house. Yet I am so happy inshallah I can complete all my goals for my home.

I have enjoyed the past year being free to be me. I am still finding out who I am and what I want. Claiming my home back for me has been my first actions as I had no attachment to it. I now love my home Alhamdulillah.

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