Over compensating for a abusive parent.

All through my children’s childhood I felt extremely guilty because I was to scared to leave our abuser. I served them and showered them with love. I covered anything they did and hid mistakes to protect them. I tried so hard to make things easier for them that they saw themselves as superior to me. They have spent so long punishing me for his behaviour and my guilt has allowed them to do it.

My beautiful children have no respect or value for me that my wants or needs are last on there list.

Most hurtful of all is my daughter’s tone when she speaks to me. She has contempt for me it breaks my heart. Because of my childhood I just keep going no matter how I feel.

2 thoughts on “Over compensating for a abusive parent.

  1. I pray Allah softens your children’s hearts and I’m sure that deep down they know exactly what sacrifices you made for them. You protected them the best you could and you made sure that they had one parent who put their needs first and loved them unconditionally. I’m sure in time they will change but only after you now raise your expectations of them. You deserve love and respect too. Please don’t let anyone speak to you in a derogatory tone, even your beloved daughter. You have suffered enough. Allah is the changer of hearts, never forget that.


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