Impact of narcissistic abuse on the victim.

Beautiful sister’s
The part that no one wants to talk about is the psychological impact of narcissistic abuse on the victim.

For some it takes more help. Praying, trying to change your train of thought, resting, being active…nothing helps.

The anxiety and overwhelming pain, fear, frustration, and the fact that you let it happen just keep invading your mind & heart. However thinking you allowed it to happen implies you were given a choice, which you were not.

My perpetrator did this to me. Not just his physical abuse but the psychological, mental, emotional abuse. I truly believed that he would kill me and our children.

Sometimes being strong is knowing when you need counselling inshallah. I had lots of talking therapy for the abuse I suffered as a child and in my marriage. It has helped me Alhamdulillah.

Allah has guided me through and protected me and our children Alhamdulillah.

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