Healing in your unique way.

There is no fixed path to healing .
There is no set way to happiness,
no road to awakening Inshallah.
There are only the days.
The breaths. The steps.
The moments of excruciating pain.
The disappointments. The victories.
The times of ecstasy, the joys, and everything in-between.
The path leads not to a destination, but more deeply into presence, gratitude, and unknowing.
It is a pathless path to where you are.
Healing is not a linear process, then.
There is no straight line from ‘here’ to ‘there’,
no direct route to ‘healed’;
only in the mind, only in imagination.
For you are not broken here;
your pain is not pathology.
You will have good days, for sure.
You will taste the peaks, of course.
You will think you are ‘getting better’.
And then, suddenly, an old pain will resurface.
A fear. A raging doubt. A sorrow. An ache.
And you will think, “All my progress was for nothing.
I’m back at square one.
I will never heal, never awaken.
I am a failure, broken, doomed”.
Know that these are just thoughts.
The path is rocky, uncharted, for sure.
The path goes up and down, twists and turns.
You think you are climbing, then you fall.
Then suddenly, rising again,
in awe of Nature.
The course of healing is unpredictable.
Yet there is a place in you that is already healed.
And needs no destinations.
Invite attention away from the goal, then.
Walk, but be present to your walk today.
Become curious about where you are.
Make space for the ecstasy and the agony,
the peaks and the troughs,
the hope and the disappointments.
Hold them all in your vast heart!
You aren’t healed ‘yet’,
because there is no ‘yet’.
With every breath you take,
with every sacred step,
you are learning to love life.
And life is the goal, the origin, the path,
the walking, the stopping,
the hope, the defeat,
the rising and the falling,
the healing and the wonder.”

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