Women are worthy Alhamdulillah.

Allah loves women and created them worthy Alhamdulillah.
Women have been created strong mashallah. They give birth to children and do their best to raise mashallah.

Allah gave women the skills to function in all kinds of situations. They are able to provide love and compassion that can help to heal anything from a bruised knee to a broken heart Alhamdulillah.

Allah made women gentle yet strong enough to endure and overcome things a man couldn’t tolerate Alhamdulillah.
They can think, plan, reason and negotiate while multitasking in their home or workplace mashallah.

Allah equipped them to feel emotions cry to express grief, doubts, love, loneliness, suffering and pride. Women express their emotions and pick themselves up to maintain the home for their family mashallah.

Allah made women strong enough to handle trouble and carry heavy burdens mashallah. This doesn’t mean they should continue to live in domestic violence as they can survive.

Allah loves women and wants women to be safe. Children also need to be raised in a safe secure loving home. Children growing up in violence are affected by the abuse.

Allah gives women the strength to move forward to recover from Domestic violence and rebuild their lives.

Allah made women strong enough to leave domestic violence behind them and fight for a safe space inshallah.

Allah made women with the ability to love her children unconditionally. When her heart is broken she finds strength to move forward in life. Women are special mashAllah. Women are worthy.

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