Using mindfulness to help deal with anxiety.

When we are struggling to see past the truma we have lived or are still living. We can ground ourselves through mindful visualisation techniques. Imagine stepping on dried leaves remember how they crackle beneath your feet.

Remember the way the rain drops feel on your palms and the way a sister smiles back when you smile at her…

You can remember what it feels like to truly feel. To experience the sensations that make you human and connect to the world around you.
Try to smile because these little things actually bring joy rather than focusing on despair and uncertainty.
Practising mindfulness through visualisation, touch and smell and taste will help you achieve calmness inshallah.

You can learn to fade out the noise of truma and focus only on the making the life you want inshallah.

You can start to cope and rember that no harm can come to you without Allah allowing it. You will start to appreciate Allaah’s Rahma and connect with him on a deeper level. It is Possible inshallah.

Through mindfulness and a belief in Qadr what is meant for you will not miss you.

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