You will move forward inshallah.

As salamu walkom sister’s I’m 2 years out of domestic violence mashallah.

Let me assure you the roller-coaster subsides, the kids are ok, and you won’t be angry forever inshallah.

Time is the great healer. Allow yourself to dig deep initially and feel your feelings inshallah.

Write like a crazy woman. The intensity of feelings will fade and in its place a weight will lift off your shoulders, clarity will come and your confidence will rise inshallah.
Just look and move forward as there is no other place to go. Just don’t stay stuck. You owe it to yourself to get strong, have a voice and own yourself inshallah.

Allah has given you everything you need inside of you to heal, and you will inshallah .

Just wait to see what you will become. I’m excited for each and every one of you, because now you are in charge of you Alhamdulillah. ✌🏼❤️

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