Love Yourselves.

Beautiful sister’s I can’t do it anymore. I can’t attack myself. I can’t insult myself. I can’t respond to a compliment by offering up a list of my flaws. I just…can’t. It feels like such a violation of myself. I don’t have the heart for self-deprecation anymore Alhamdulillah .

Somewhere along the way, over the past few years, I’ve lost the dark (and particularly female) talent for self-criticism, and for tearing myself down. It feels like destruction. My mouth can’t form the hateful words Alhamdulillah .

And I can’t bear it anymore, to hear another woman demean, degrade, or diminish herself. It shocks my senses and hurts my heart. To witness a woman denying that she is beautiful. Allah created women beautiful Alhamdulillah.

It’s like watching a Phoenix rip off its wings. I just can’t be around it anymore. It hurts too much. This is my official plea: I beg you to stop doing that. You are a magnificent creature. Start knowing it. Stop lying about yourself. I love you. Allah loves you.

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