Small changes help you to heal Alhamdulillah.

I still live in the home the violence escalated in. I always hated this house as the abuse became worse here.

Looking out my window I looked at all my beautiful daffodils growing beautifully. He never allowed me to do gardening.

I grew up always painting and decorating as my father was a builder. I painted my kitchen and my hallway now it’s like a different house Alhamdulillah

I walked in the house after being out yesterday and I looked around me absorbing the changes. It suddenly hit me and I felt that actually I love my home Alhamdulillah. The difference I have made in nearly two years was huge Alhamdulillah. My heart lit up to see the small changes I had made helped me reclaim the home.

I love my home and I love me Alhamdulillah.

I just wanted to share this, as small actions make a big difference. ❤️

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