Show kindness towards non hijab sister’s.

We need to show kindness towards our beautiful sister’s who are not wearing Hijab. We should just be happy that our beautiful sister is submitting to Allah.

We have much bigger issues to worry about, like how do we keep sisters as Muslims. So many have been used and abused by narcissists and often their families with the abuser showing no remorse.

Many are trying to heal and don’t have the strength to overcome anxiety, PTSD and other stress related conditions.They cannot cope instantly over night, to tolerate confrontations while wearing Hijab in front of Islamohobic people.

We need to look at our own sins as we won’t be asked about the sins of others in our graves. To say it plain and simple for everyone to understand, we have to stop judging and be grateful to have more beautiful sister’s taking shahada everyday.

I know a sister who has to uncover for work, you can easily say ” oh quit ” it’s not that simple we are too hard on each other.

We all sin differently at times in our lives.This “Gang” type mentality judging other sisters is cruel and pushes the sister away from the Deen. Bullying her because she is not dressed in hijab makes you no better than anyone else who has victimised her.

I personally believe that the Hijab is the most beautiful form of modesty which is part of my identity mashallah.
It is our ” CROWN” but please give our beautiful sisters time to embrace it inshallah. They need love and patience you cannot shame someone into loving her Hijab.

Many sisters have lost family etc… Bcause the chose to be ” Mooooslum” ( as some pronounce) so you are her new extended beautiful family! We need to embrace our beautiful sister’s with love and kindness! You don’t know what is happening in her life or what she may have already lived through.

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