The ups and downs of recovery from domestic violence.

If you feel like you are underwater, just keep swimming.
No one ever says healing from truma is going to be easy. And truth be told, it’s far from it. Recovery is like riding an emotional roller coaster. A constant feeling of up and down, swerving all over the place and sometimes feeling sick to your stomach. Sometimes you feel excited yet equally scared and fearful for your future and at times may want to hop off, but you can’t. You have to ride through the pain. Practice self-care and self-love by looking after yourself and connecting with Allah.

Where we place our energy is what we create in our lives. If all of our attention is focused on the past, all of our energy is placed in creating the same emotions. This will hinder your healing and you will continue to put everyone else’s needs above your own.

Once we focus on self love and self care we can place our attention on the present and the future, we place our energy there to create it.

By saying to yourself the things like, “Allah you are my source of strength, whenever I’m making dua to you, I feel that I’m home, I will always choose you Alhamdulillah.”

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