Domestic violence.

To those who are using the hadith
“leave what doesn’t concern you”

To vilify people for getting involved in atrocities in the Ummah

Need to understand that sisters who are getting abused sexually, mentally, physically and emotionally, in the name of religion




If my sister is being abused and NO One is doing anything about it

And instead imams are telling people to hush and give 70 excuses

Then this is OUR CONCERN.

Because CORRUPT SCHOLARS/Imams are giving ABUSERS the green light to CONTINUE.

Mate, if the person did it once cool.

But if its been going on for 10 years then it’s not a mistake!

It’s a character trait! It’s hypocrisy and it’s disgusting!

Our Prophet sallahu alayhi wasallam waged war against those who tore a woman’s garment

And you’re telling me to make 70 excuses for ABUSERS and leave what doesn’t concern me.

This is the problem with the Muslim community yall

You wanna sing Kum ba yah for war but when it comes to RAPE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE that a MAN inflicts on his wife

Then you want to say “leave what does not concern you”

Where’s the GHEERAH? Where’s the PROTECTION?

This DEEN is a religion of DEFENCE!

That means you DEFEND your sisters ESPECIALLY when the EVIDENCE is stacked to the moon and back.

This is why ABUSIVE MEN continue because SHEIKHS/IMAMS/DA’EES are giving these ABUSERS the GREEN LIGHT

And this is why sisters leave the deen or kill themselves because no one is helping

Shame on yall

#Muslim #Islam #SayNoToAbuse

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