logo DVDuring my time as domestic violence victim which sadly was 22 years. I was repeatedly asked by my abuser to grant forgiveness to him so he could have a fresh chance to abuse me all over again. I found myself repeatedly saying to him it’s not about forgiveness. As I was always far too emotionally nub and unable to express myself clearly, from the toll years of physical, psychological and emotional abuse had taken on me. I ended up with PTSD and I was not even angry.

I just wanted a chance to dream of living another way, to finally be free from fear. I also wanted three beautiful my children to be free from fear and oppression. He however refused to listen to me and became so focused on me forgiving him only so I could enable him to continue living the happy life he once had.

He actually asked us all to feel for his pain and suffering yet he never felt our pain. He lay on my sofa after all he had done to us all and cried for his pain as his life was no longer happy being unable to oppress.

His life had changed beyond recognition, no longer the king of his castle as I finally found the courage to stand up and take back my power and control of my life. Of course I had always let him know how unhappy I was in crying for change, he was so intimidating that I was too afraid to even say how afraid I was. The only way he would listen is by having him arrested for his abusive behaviour.